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{June 29, 2008}   No regrets

Our 2-years-in-the-making  church wedding was finally over. It has been a month already. Two-years in the making as I call it because it was supposed to be last 2006, but some unavoidable circumstances happened (deaths in the family). And so we settled for a civil wedding on July 26, 2006. We didn’t push through the year after because my husband and I are under a 2-year contract at work which makes it impossible for us to come home and have the wedding (we are working somewhere in the Mideast). I never imagined planning for a wedding will be this grueling. We didn’t hire a professionel wedding planner because I want to be hands-on in every detail. Besides,my family are very much willing to lend a helping hand. The major things to settle were easy for my husband and me. The catering services that we chose (Chriscent Catering) belongs to one of our ninangs and a cousin of mine is a business associate.The flowers needed for the reception and entourage are included in their package. Bulwagang Kapitan Moy (or Bulwagang Bayani) has long been my choice of a reception venue, even before I met my husband. Our Lady of the Abandoned Church was a perfect choice since it is only a street across the reception venue. For the photo-video, I gave the responsibility to my husband. He was the one who coordinated with Imagine Nation Photography. I really want to commend my husband for such a brilliant and wise choice. Working with these guys, you will really get your money’s worth and even more. Actually, the bulk of our budget went to this. We got all of these settled as early as August 2007. Reservations and full payments had been made. The wedding was scheduled September 27, 2008. Then the wedding theme and motif and the entourage. This was the easiest part since most of the entourage were our cousins. All I did was send them the design of their gowns and respective colors. I had three – lilac, rose pink and cherry pink. I bought butterfly wings for the flowergirls since I want the theme to be fairy tale- inspired,so are the invitations and souvenirs.My parents took charge of these while my brother and his girlfriend handled the signature frame (which was not included in the photo-video package). I wasn’t bothered to find an emcee and wedding singer since a cousin and a friend of mine volunteered to do the honors. Being away from home, all my husband did was send them the necessary finances, email them the designs we want and insights that we have. Now we are half-way through, leaving the minor details like bridal car and hotel. Then came January 2008, 8 months more to go before the “Big Day”. My husband and I are both very excited. On the second week of January, something wonderful came up, something more exciting than our upcoming wedding. I found out I’m having a baby!!!! It was also a surprise to us since we were “planning”. Well, blessings are blessings, all we have to do is accept them with open arms, no questions asked. So, I’m having a baby and a wedding on September. This can’t be since my baby will be born by September. Urgent changes has to be made. All the reservations has to revised, this is quite pressuring. The church, reception venue and photo-video are all unavailable on the dates we chose. We actually had 3 choices!!! There is nothing we could do but to settle on a date that makes the three available. So May 22 it is. The wedding was moved 4 months earlier. Now I’m starting to be stressed. I’m having a hard time on my first trimester, having morning-sickness, nausea and all, and revising our wedding which includes revising the design of my gown. I earlier designed a gown that is perfect for my 99-lbs frame,now I changed it to a design that will fit my growing tummy and of course my growing figure. I am almost on my 6th month by the time of our wedding. We flew home May 1, which gave us 21 days more to have everything done. I never expected there are still lots to do. We still have to shoot our pre-nuptial pictorial, attend our church seminars, reserve a hotel, rent a bridal car, get a make-up artist and many more small details. We managed to get a reservation on May 14 at Plaza Moriones in Intramuros for our pre-nup pictorial.

{June 22, 2008}   My Husband, our Baby and Me

At last, I have something to do to kill time. Aside of course from the fact that I am counting every blessed day until our first baby will be born. My husband and I will be having a baby girl. The first apo from both sides. As they say, girls are closer to their dads. I can attest to that. Eventhough Yayi (our daughter’s nickname) is still inside my womb, she responds to her Papaw’s whispers, caresses and kisses. From time to time my husband will kiss my tummy while lovingly talks to his baby inside. Yayi responds by kicking and moving. I know these are just typical movements of a baby in the womb, but such movements mean a lot to my husband and to me. For us, it means Yayi hears and understands us. She can feel how much we love her, how much we are excited for her coming, how much she completes our life. I am already in my 27th week, 9-10 weeks more to go. I had my 5th ultrasound two days ago. Our baby is doing well. The doctor said she has long fingers. Looks like Yayi will be tall like her Papaw. As the procedure takes place, she covers her face with her hand. She did the same gesture during our 4th ultrasound. “Shy-type” my husband said. We planned to do a 4D ultrasound, but for the element of surprise we decided not to. We know that our baby will come out to be beautiful, bouncing,healthy and normal. With all the prayers from those waiting for our baby, we are sure God will take care of our baby. 

{June 22, 2008}   Hello world!

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